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Speaking Out Against Extremism

Take a Stand Against Violent Extremism In the aftermath of the Sri Lanka Bombings Where is the Outrage from “Peaceful” Muslims? Oops — Well, instead of this being

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Democrats Going Bat Crap Crazy

As Democrat Leadership Continue to go bat crap crazy, the other shoe is about to drop… Washington D.C. — Headline News —  NEWS FISA Court says FBI lied to them,

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Boston Bomber to Get the Right to Vote

Sanders said he thinks everyone, even the convicted Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, should be allowed to vote in American elections. Sanders, along with many in the democrat party are working to lower the voting age to 16.

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“Off With Her Head”

Reporter Sinks to New Low, even for CNN Washington DC –Headline KNews Giving up every pretense of being fail and unbiased, CNN’s April Ryan Says

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Judas the First Socialist

Did you know that more than a billion people have been lifted out of extreme poverty in the past twenty years? This is according to reports by the United Nations. Many of these improved lives can be attributed to the generosity of developed nations such as the United States and others.

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Cars and Catholics

  Going to Mass Doesn’t Make You a Catholic Any More Than Standing in Your Garage Makes You a Car. Sun City, AZ – Koionia

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Born This Way

It’s Not My Fault I Was Born That Way

The modern mantra of the 60s remains intact today – “if it feels good, do it.” With the prevailing attitude of unfettered sexual expression without consequences, and denying God’s “Natural Law,” is really it any surprise that this infection is engulfing the Church today?

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Chick-Fil-A Public Enemy Number One

Airports across the country house a Chick-fil-A. The city of Buffalo even has a stand-alone restaurant that draws “overflow crowds,” according to the newspaper. But, unless something changes, the Buffalo/Niagara airport won’t have such a restaurant.

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Border Wall Veto Stands

President Donald Trump’s veto of a border security measure will stand after House Democrats could not earn enough votes to stop the veto.

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Social Security for illegals

Social Security for Illegals

As a senior citizen myself, I am incensed that the payments I’ve been depositing into Social Security are continually being diverted to folks who have not contributed a dime to the program. To make matters worse, Socialist Democrats continually refer to seniors as being greedy for voicing concern about the solvency of the Social Security system. This system was set up as a contributory system to be used as a retirement safety net, not a charitable entitlement.

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Understanding the Catholic Teaching Magisterium

A benefit of this episcopal evolution was an enhanced regional collegiality and accountability — assuring consistency of doctrine and catechesis. When things reached a point where doctrinal issues could not be resolved locally, appeals were made to gather across a particular region, and even to gather bishops from around the known world into ecumenical councils — councils of the whole Church.

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Unplanned, a Must See Movie

I describe Unplanned as being “Powerful, Poignant, and Painful:”

• The movie is powerful because it displays the truth of the abortion industry in an entirely unvarnished manner.

• Unplanned is poignant in that it takes you through an emotional, personal journey that is certain to touch your heart.

• Amidst the powerful and poignant emotions, Unplanned is painful to watch as they show an abortion in progress via an ultrasound. Movie goers watch on as an unborn child literally moves away, attempting to escape the abortionist’s tools.

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Pray Without Ceasing

Pray Without Ceasing   How is your prayer life? Do you have a regular prayer regime? Is the praise of God always on the tip

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Why Is American Justice No Longer Blind

In the case of President Trump, the leadership of the Democrat party, as is now being verified, after over two years of partisan hell-raising, manufactured evidence, colluding to take down a sitting president. Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and the Justice Department, it appears were involved in a massive conspiracy with the intent of undermining our constitutional process for transition of power. In their nefarious agenda they colluded to falsify information to the FISA courts for political gain, while at the same time manipulating the criminal justice process in favor of Hillary.

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