The Electoral College Works
Yes, Hillary Lost and the Electoral College Actually Works.

The Electoral College Works

Yes, Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency because the Electoral College works. It is time to get over it and move on.
NEW International Catholic Confederation (ICC) Intolerant Regarding Abuse.
Washington D.C. — Commentary — Koinonia News
Today, as I’m reflecting on the Muller report that was submitted recently to the Attorney General, and Republican members of the House Intelligence Committee proclaimed that they’ve found “NO Evidence of Collusion.” I am taking time to pause because the fight is still not over.

Democrats in D.C. and around the nation are rallying to not only bring down a validly elected president but to change our constitutional process for selecting our nation’s executive-in-chief.
The US Founding Fathers knew the dangers of having a democratic country. which is why the US is a Constitutional Republic.
Our founding fathers knew quite well that a purely democratic form of government would deteriorate into disaster. In a pure democracy, states with large populations would domineer smaller states on every major decision, In a democratic nation, those with fewer voices would be disenfranchised, having no voice in our national decision-making process.
Yes, Hillary Clinton lost her bid for the presidency because the Electoral College works. It is time to get over it and move on. Make no mistake about it, if Democrats were in control of both houses of Congress, our constitutional process would be in jeopardy.
Already there is a growing coalition of states who are attempting to do an end-run around the constitution by passing laws that would pass along electoral college delegates to the candidate who wins the popular vote. These so-called blue states are colluding to consolidate the voting power of about twelve states into a conglomerate voting block — effective telling the other thirty-eight states to pound sand. 
The results of the above would ensure that the USA would cease to be a constitutional republic, protecting the rights of the minority. The Socialist-Democrats would be free to run roughshod over our freedoms and constitutional protections.
Remember my friends, #DemNotYourFriends and #WalkAway
National No Collusion Day
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Michael Callahan is the Presiding Archbishop of the Catholic Church in America as well as the International Catholic Confederation. Bishop Callahan is also the founder of Koinonia News and has been a conservative blogger for several years.

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