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Be More Like Mick

Mick Jagger’s celebrity status and wealth helped him afford a different quality of care. This shows that if people are able to afford better, faster healthcare, they will take advantage of that option. The census study from 2017 also shows that if American citizens have the option to avoid being on government healthcare they will.

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What Difference Does it Make?

Is it just legalism to suggest that there be some external authority outside of our own individual reasoning interpret the words of Scripture? After all, what did the church rely on for the first five hundred or so years without an official canon of scripture? It was another thousand years before the printing press began to make bibles accessible to the laity (non-Clergy).

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Pride vs Humility

I’m currently in the final stages of getting a book to print on the subject of sin. In the process of editing and discussions with

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Support KNews

Koinonia News is committed to providing quality faith-based news, information and other useful services. In addition the KNews you’ve come to enjoy, our primary mission

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The Loss of a Charitable Soul

It was recently reported that billionaire, David Koch, one half of the ubiquitous “Koch Brothers,” died recently from complications of Prostate Cancer. While Christian charity

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