World Cuisine

Obispo Callahan has practiced his craft around the world, and in a multitude of different environments. He will be sharing his recipes from fine dining restaurants to high-end senior living restaurants, and even catering events for the rich and famous.

“Recipes From My Journey”

"Food is Life" Most of us simply eat to live. Why not enjoy the journey? Growing up much of family interaction centered around the kitchen and the dinner table. In ancient times a shared meal was often seen as insinuating the deepest of personal bonding and relationship. For myself, preparing great food is worth the effort simply because of the joy it brings to others.
Archbishop Michael Callahan
Michael Callahan

Savory or Sweet

Whether you’re creating savory entrees, sweet desserts, or anything in between, the options are boundless. Get to know your ingredients and they will become like an artist’s palette of flavor in your kitchen.

Fun with Food

Creating great food really is worth the effort. If you’re not having fun and enjoying the experience — why bother, at all?

Fresh Coffee

When all is finished, relax, enjoy the accolades, and savor a cup of coffee.

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Obispo's Recipe Collection

Obispo Callahan will be uploading his entire collection of savory entrees and scrumptious dessert recipes for your enjoyment.

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