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The Return of Ancient Heresy

It has been said that Modernism is nothing more than the resurgence of all ancient heresy. In light of the trends in the modern Roman church, I tend to agree with this synopsis. This observation is exceptionally cogent in the antics occurring at the “Amazon Synod,” where many are pushing for the acceptance of Pagan worship.

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An Enigma of Faith

The International Catholic Confederation, our Origins and Distinctives. In order to understand who we are as the International Catholic Confederation, it may be helpful to

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Fan the Flames of Faith

God has given us some amazing gifts. However, like any other present that comes in neat packaging, these spiritual gifts will remain useless unless opened and actually used. When applied to our lives, the gifts of God empower us for what lies ahead in our service for Him and His people.

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Impeach Now — lol

…as soon as we find evidence of a crime. House Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi (D.CA) have been in a blood-lust for impeachment ever since

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Visit From Santa

Santa Claus is Comingto Town Santa is getting rapidly finalizing his preparations for the Christmas season. His elves are putting the finishing touches on all

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Wonky Uncle Joe

https://youtu.be/_GYyt3ChLDI Biden: Child Tax Credit Will “Put 720 Million Women Back in the Workforce” Says his words made him “sound like a wonk” Some folks

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Be More Like Mick

Mick Jagger’s celebrity status and wealth helped him afford a different quality of care. This shows that if people are able to afford better, faster healthcare, they will take advantage of that option. The census study from 2017 also shows that if American citizens have the option to avoid being on government healthcare they will.

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