“Off With Her Head”

“Off With Her Head”

Reporter Sinks to New Low, even for CNN

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Giving up every pretense of being fail and unbiased, CNN’s April Ryan Says Sarah’s Head Should Be “Lopped Off.”

Is it ever appropriate to call for violence towards a member of the president’s staff? This is a new low, especially considering the uber sensitive nature on our modern society.

Rather than relying on factual reporting, for the last few years, CNN and other Left-Wing media outlets have been on an unrelenting war against President Trump. From blatantly sticking to liberal talking points to twisting sound bites into false narratives, the mainstream media are no longer are  neutral, third party observers. They have been in full spin-mode since Trump won the midterms. 
Now, emboldened by partisan politics, post-Muller report, CNN’s White House correspondent April Ryan went went full-on a ISIS level, mental meltdown, telling Sarah Huckabee Sanders that her head should be “lopped off.” In Ryan’s opinion, the Muller report proved the press secretary was a horrible liar. Well, that’s when Sarah Sanders utterly scorched Ryan, and she didn’t even see it coming. You’ll love this.
You would think that the liberal media would be supportive of a strong woman in such prominent position, but no. Sarah Sanders’ job as the White House press secretary is one of the most difficult and challenging jobs in the Trump administration. The mainstream media are always out to trap her. It’s a room full of vipers against Sarah Sanders during press conferences, and they want to see her fail. They bombard her with ridiculous questions and lash out with snarky remarks. 
CNN’s Ryan decided the Mueller report caught Sarah Sanders in a horrendous lie. After that deep state traitor James Comey was fired by Trump as his FBI Director, Sarah said in the ensuing press conference that the White House had heard from “countless” FBI agents who had lost confidence in Comey.
According to the Mueller report, they could not ascertain that there were “countless” FBI agents who lost confidence in Comey. That’s Sarah’s “big lie.”
Well, of course, Comey’s best friend Mueller would make sure this little piece to save “Cardinal Comey’s” face was included in his report. The funny thing is most Americans had lost all respect for Comey. However, CNN’s April Ryan decided this so-called “big lie” by Sarah Sanders should merit her losing her head.
“Not only does Sanders not have any credibility left, she lied,” Ryan said on CNN. “She outright lied and the people, the American people can’t trust her. They can’t trust what’s said from the president’s mouthpiece — spokesperson — from the people’s house. Therefore, she should be let go. She should be fired. End of story.” “When there is a lack of credibility there, you have to start … lopping the heads off,” Ryan added. “It’s ‘Fire Me Thursday’ or ‘Fire Me Good Friday,’ — she needs to go.”
Well, Sarah Sanders wasn’t going to let that go. Sanders called the remark a new low for Ryan, who has had run-ins with administration spokespeople on more than one occasion.
“I’ve had reporters say a lot of things about me. They said I should be choked, they said I deserve a lifetime of harassment but I certainly have never had someone say that I should be decapitated,” Sanders said. “This takes us to a new low even for the liberal media. It just once again proves why this journalist isn’t taken seriously.”
“I spent the weekend with my family thinking about the things we’re grateful for,” she said. “One of the things I’m most grateful for is all of the things the President has accomplished … Our team needs to remain focused on how we keep pushing those things that actually help Americans and not engage in petty fights with journalists that are just looking for a couple more minutes on TV.”
Sarah made sure to make CNN squirm by adding, “I think this president has a great six years ahead of him.”
Isn’t it about time that these leftists just let it go? They lost a rigged election. The collusion investigation was a bought and paid for witch hunt. Now, backed by the fake news media frenzy, House Democrats are pressuring Speaker Pelosi into upping the ante by beginning the impeachment process.
The constitution is clear, impeachment of a president can only occur as a result of high “crimes and misdemeanors.” If Muller had found any supporting evidence you can be certain that charges would have already been filed.


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