Speaking Out Against Extremism

Speaking Out Against Extremism

Take a Stand Against Violent Extremism

In the aftermath of the Sri Lanka Bombings Where is the Outrage from “Peaceful” Muslims?

Oops — Well, instead of this being a rant over the maniacs in radical Islam I wish to start off by saying I was pleasantly surprised a few days ago. I saw an online report of Muslims, standing in front of their Mosque with signs inviting The Catholic archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith to celebrate mass in their house of worship. My only disappointment is that I cannot locate a picture or article to link as evidence. I pray that it is true! 

Thanks to a friend I’ve found the missing photo mentioned above!

Peace Between Muslims and Catholics?


Do you ever wonder why we rarely hear peace-loving muslims denouncing radical islamist terrorism? I certainly do. I  ask similar questions regularly after terrorist attacks by Muslim Extremists. Whenever our anger is voiced over these terrible events, we are constantly ridiculed in reminder that “Islam is a religion of peace.” 

But, just like there are radical Muslims, there are other extremists in other groups. Those on the extreme fringes sometimes want us to be in denial. Just like the 2016 Charlotte South Carolina skirmish between “White Nationalists” and “ANTIFA” (among others), the mainstream news narrative wanted us to believe (and is still harping on it this week) that this was all one-sided. In the news reports there was little mention of the bat-wielding, masked thugs of ANTIFA who were equally culpable.

We must constantly remind ourselves and proclaim publicly, there are indeed good and peace loving muslims, just like all Trump supporters are not the “deplorable” “dregs of society that we get labeled  by Hillary, Biden and the mainstream media.

The problem is that the news media needs controversy, social activism needs to be able to marginalize whole classes of people as the enemy. So, I really don’t find it surprising at all that I’m finding zero search results to back out my observation above.

The truth is that despite the highly visible and recurring horrific acts of terrorism all around the world. These are being perpetrated by a sad minority of misfits. As citizens in nations who respect the rule of law and abhor anarchy, we, the silent Majority need to stand up to this noise. Each of us needs too loudly condemn perpetrators of evil. Whether it is Radical Islam, White Nationalists, Black Lives Matter, or ANTIFA, it is past time that we as a society put an end to tis destructive evil.

Whether we’re talking San Diego, California or Colombo, Sri Lanka, it makes no difference. Jewish synagogues, Muslim mosques, or Catholic Cathedrals each contain people created in the image and likeness of God. Each of has an inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It’s high time we start demanding civility and common decency.

In our own circles of influence we need to speak to the truth, call out hate speech, inappropriate talk and actions, and even reporting suspicious activities to the appropriate authorities. We also need to become savvy and capable of calling out the FAKE news reporting of the likes of CNN and MSMBC.

If you’re a US citizen, be proud to be an American. Whether you’re a legal resident or an illegal immigrant, we are a nation of laws designed to protect the health welfare and safety of everyone within our borders — do all you can to become ONE within our great melting pot society. Learn our language respect our laws and we’ll get along fine. Recognize that the immigration crisis we are currently experiencing is not about “hate” as some falsely report, but just concern about controlling the sovereignty of our borders and protecting our citizens and legal residents from criminal gangs, drug cartels, and potential terrorist threats.

Being an American is not a religion or a skin color. Neither is it a socio-economic status. American Nationalism has more to do with pride of ownership and self-determination. Some with a radical agenda will tell you lies, equating nationalism with Hitler and Naziism. We as a nation proudly went to war against Hitler and his evil regime that divided race and religion into opposing factions — much like the socialist democrats of our day. 

Just say NO to the false narrative of hate that is infecting our world, focus on what unites us and continue to call out the evil in our midst, and take a stand against violent extremism not matter which banner of creed or color it waves. “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky is the playbook utilized by former President Obama and Hillary Clinton. False narratives and manufacturing enemies and conflict is their bread and butter. We need to become vigilant in identifying the source of current day conflicts.

I am a proud American Nationalist, and I am taking a stand for the truth. Please take a stand along side of me and consider supporting our efforts in speaking truth to the lies of the Mainstream Media. 

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  1. We who know need to speak out. Much i9s reported as fact, and turn out to be lies. Biden entered the race, starting with a lie. Dr Gorka replayed what Biden stated, and then what President Trump actually said. Yet the left still persists.
    Just look at the result of Mueller report. They are still stating there was collusion. But now they also insists that AGT Barr changed it to state that.
    But it was Mueller’s report6. And Mueller with Rodsenstein helped redact it. But oh no, Barr changed it. His fault.

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