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Some of you may know that one of my past secular vocations was working as a chef. It was something that I thoroughly enjoyed for many years. Another factoid that you may not be aware of is that though I’ve never been into partisan politics, I became a vocal opponent of liberal politics leading into the 2016 Presidential cycle. My activism took shape on a spoof Facebook page I created “Chef Callahan for President.” My tag line was Vote for Chef Callahan, he couldn’t do any worse than the other Yahoos.

Does anyone else remember this?

As I saw it, back then, the whole slate of Democrat contenders was dead set on a following Obama era policies of socialist-style “Hope and Change,” re-defining social morality and expanding the culture of death. As far as I was concerned the only choices we had on the Democrat side was Crooked Hillary and Socialist Bernie.



But more to the point, I was dismayed at all the Catholics and other Christians who were staunchly voting democrat — even militantly so. What is dumbfounding about this is support for abortion by a huge percentage of Catholics. For the previous few decades, Catholics have been overwhelmingly voting Democrat. 

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This was brought to the top of mind for me this morning when I read an article in which Cardinal Raymond Burke stated that Politicians who support abortion should not present themselves for communion when they attend mass, as this is a grave error. Their actions in supporting abortion are in direct opposition to Catholic Church teachings. Burke went on to single out Catholic-In-Name-only, former Vice President, and presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Yes, through a maelstrom of political activism, and I believe, divine intervention, the trend turned around and a majority of Catholics and Evangelical Christians contributed to the red tide that elected a conservative, pro-life president and senate in 2016. Trump’s message to drain the swamp and support pro-life values was a big part of his success. 

Throughout Trump’s campaign, the opposition media painted candidate Trump as a racist and even a “white nationalist.” They said that Trump hated Muslims because he pledged to protect us from Muslim terrorists coming from terrorist-sponsoring countries. It didn’t seem to matter that ISIS at the time had threatened to infiltrate Muslim Refugees coming into our country. Trump was also lambasted in the fictional media for promising to build a wall with the intent of stopping illegal drugs, weapons, and human trafficking from entering unrestricted.

The propaganda machine of the left-wing, globalist Illuminati, have been dead set against Trump’s “America First” agenda. Billionaires, multinational corporations, members of the Council on foreign relations, and those associated with the “Bilderberger” group, own the media and most liberal politicians. Their agenda is global, focused on their own bottom lines. They really have no regard for public health and safety. Their goal is to control the message at any cost. The swamp that Trump is attempting to drain is the domain of the ultra-rich and powerful.

In the grand scheme of things, I couldn’t give two cents who was in political power, if it weren’t for the fact that the leftist agenda is focusing on removing every vestige of religious influence from our society. It is this reason and this alone that keeps me motivated to be a contra-voice to the liberal cacophony of lies we are witnessing on a near-daily basis. The kicker is that multitudes of Christians are falling for the lies. Really, all you have to do is listen to the actual words of this president and compare them to the manufactured news reports to discern the truth for yourselves.

Thus ensues my God-given compulsion to combat the lies of modernism. There seems to be no other explanation. As a Catholic Bishop, I have a mandate to proclaim the TRUTH, shining light on the darkness of our age. This vocation of mine is intended to address one audience and only one — Christians who have a desire to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

At times I am still mystified at the number of the clergy, both priests and bishops who flat out tell me that I should change my approach, that I should only focus on evangelism. However, the Christian message must find a balance, especially from the clergy. What good would it do to evangelize the whole world without teaching Christians the essentials of authentically living out their faith? One of the essentials of my polemic is to avoid the lies and deceit of liberalism.

As time marches on the divide between the left and the right keeps widening. Though I am still not a fan of particular political parties, the Democrats have planted their flag so far left that conservative-minded Christians have no other choice than to simply #WalkAway and #VoteThemOut.

Shortly after Trump’s election, I changed the ChefCallahan for president Facebook page into KoinoniaNews and launched this website under the same name — continuing my focus on conservative Christian values. On this website, I continue to be a voice that calls out issues that are confronting conservatives of faith.

What started out as my opposition to the culture of death and two evil candidates, has coalesced into a literal feeling of dread over the prospect of bringing a far left-leaning person or persons into political power. What would be the potential impact on people of faith? Simply put, it would be devastating.

Modern Democrats have moved beyond moral relativity, and have fully embraced a concept known as “post-truth.” This is a relatively new concept where the facts don’t matter as much as your convictions or achieving your desired end result.

At times I feel like John the Baptist calling people to repentance. The voices of the left are loud and many Christians are still falling for the lies. Yes, it is a lie that President Trump is a racist. He was lauded by many in minority communities prior to his run for president. It is also a lie that you can vote pro-choice and remain a faithful catholic. According to Cardinal Raymond Burke, and then Cardinal Ratzinger (Pope Benedict emeritus) the two are mutually incompatible.

We witness post-truth rhetoric every time a politician says someone (especially President Trump) is a racist or “white supremacist.” Modern Democrat politicians and the Fake News Media are utilizing identity politics to divide and conquer. Like Nazi-era propaganda, if you repeat a lie long enough and with enough conviction, the lie becomes perceived as truth.

Another thing that fueled my activism, was the literal fear that one of my parishioners exclaimed over the prospects of living in the shadow of a Trump administration. She was literally afraid that trump supporters were coming for her. She exclaimed that “lynchings” were on the horizon for here and other “melanin” enhanced persons. Such is the power of the liberal media. To date, there has been nothing I can or have said to alleviate her fears and trepidation. So, if you’re still following along Yacca, this one’s for you!

Prayers and Blessings +++

Pray without ceasing, they pray some more.


++Michael Callahan


Michael Callahan is the Presiding Archbishop of the Catholic Church in America as well as the International Catholic Confederation. Bishop Callahan is also the founder of Koinonia News and has been a conservative blogger for several years.

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  1. The Church sadly is in turmoil. We have a generation not taught in the home, that now have children of their ow, not teaching the faith. Outside the home, not much is being done to stem the tide by the Church.

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