Developing a Theology of Church
As for me and my house, we shall serve the Lord

Developing a Theology of Church

Do You Need To Expand Your Understanding of “CHURCH” ?
I disagree with the premise that we must stay with “a” church, no matter what. A church that ceases to teach the truth or teaches a strange gospel is no longer the church, but something else. There is NO salvation to be found in the preaching of “accompaniment,” whether it is concerning human sexuality or paganism. Romans 10:17

The First Vatican Council did the Church a huge disservice. THE CHURCH of Jesus Christ is much bigger than just one man. By finalizing their move away from the historic, councillar model of doctrinal development, and placing ultimate control in one man, the faithful in that jurisdiction often have no recourse in the event of an evil pontificate. I’ve been told many times by faithful Roman Catholics that the only options in their area are churches led by liberal, pro-alternative morality priests and bishops. Furthermore, by propagating the ideology that the true church can only exist in one particular paradigm, the multitudes that are perceiving the emerging evils in their church have virtually no other choice than to abandon their faith.

The Church on the Tiber did the Catholic Church a huge disservice by focusing their faith on one man, rather than in the person of Jesus Christ. St. Peter was not an infallible guide in faith and morals: “But when Peter came to Antioch, Paul opposed him to his face, because he stood condemned.” Galatians 2:11

How many millions of people are being led into the depths of HELL due to the pseudo gospel of modernism? Whole dioceses and even archdiocese have fallen for the lie similar to what James Martin is teaching, that the biblical writers, especially St. Paul didn’t get it right. On top of that, a whopping 70% of Catholics these days no longer believe in Christ’s “Real Presence” in the Eucharist.

No, DON’T abandon “CHURCH,” find one with a pastor or bishop that is remaining faithful to Historically Accepted Teachings.

My brothers and sisters, there has always been more than one way to be authentically Catholic. An “Authentic Faith” is one that has Christ as its fundamental focus. An authentic faith oftentimes requires a “Radical Transformation,” becoming something different than cultural norms.

Faith comes by hearing the word of God, not listening to sugar coated pablum designed to please modern ears. Study my brothers and sisters, learn from Good Shepherds, not thieves and robbers who are only interested in being men pleasers. The preaching of TRUTH is not always easy to hear. Multitudes stopped following Jesus, simply because his message made them uncomfortable, or didn’t fit with their own world view. Today many are following blind guides such as the bishop of Rome, like Lemmings, straight off the cliff. (Matthew 15:14)

What is THE CHURCH ?

In the Nicene Creed we read that THE CHURCH is “one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.” These are the true marks and witness of the ancient Church. The creed doesn’t tell us that we are to rally around one particular patriarch, nor does it say  that our oneness or catholicity is to be only found in Rome or in Peter.

Our “One”ness, is in Christ. It is in our common baptism that we  are brought into the body of Christ, the Church. The Body of Christ in that understanding becomes all faithful believers, past, present, and future, who have been faithful to God’s teachings. That faithfulness is the essence of our holiness. We are faithful when we put aside our own fleshly desires to do the will of the Father. Often this faithfulness necessitate picking up a cross of suffering or even working to make another person’s life a little brighter.

In the age which gave us the creed, catholicity was not focused on jurisdiction, but on faithfulness to historic Church teachings. The term apostolic was used rather than “Petrine.” The faith of the early church followed the teachings of the apostles — which was Christ-centered.In our concerns about this age, I am not advocating that you abandon Rome. NO. I am suggesting that you do not sit under the teachings of false teachers. Under such, there can be NO salvation. A particular church can only be a minister of salvation if they are teaching the TRUTH — anything less is a lie and a counterfeit religion.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, there are indeed still good and faithful bishops and priests within the Roman Catholic Church. However, we must decide where our loyalties lie. Do we blindly follow a pope who is teaching moral relativism and paganism, or do we follow historic teachings?

As for me and my house, we shall follow the Lord. Joshua 25:15


Patriot is the founding editor of Koinonia News. He is also an avid blogger and vlogger, active on several platforms. Patriot is available for public speaking engagements.

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  1. I don’t disagree except maybe for some sections, and that may be because I have been expo9sed to it for so long. For example I was never taught the Pope was infallible all the time. BUT, I see many who do not understand that, because that point is not discussed and left “the hang there”.
    I have always preached understand what the Church is – the People of God. Your faith in Jesus should take you thru the inevitable trials; to help you see the heresies that are there. But it must strong and it must be informed.

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