Mad as Hell

Mad as Hell

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As the days, weeks, months, and years go bye, I keep getting more and more upset. Yes, I’m mad as hell and we here at No Trump No Peace are refusing to remain silent.
Nancy Pelosi has become in essence, the “Speaker who cried wolf.” When everything is a “crisis,” “urgent,” or a “National Emergency,” nothing is. Pelosi and the Socialist Democrats, facilitated by the lame-stream media have been continually conflating fact with fiction regarding all things Trump for the past three years. The most recent conflations are revolving around potential war with Iran and and a dead terrorist. It has become abundantly clear over the past week that unlike the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, President Trump is most certainly acting with America’s best interests in mind and heart.
The scumbag, also known as General Salami — oops General Qassem Soleimani was an infamous terrorist. This FACT was widely known for many years — so much so that President Obama recognized him as such. Additionally, Salami was officially sanctioned by the UN and forbidden from international travel.  This fact makes it impossible for him to have been traveling on a “diplomatic mission.”
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The term assassination only applies to political leaders, not terrorists. General wasn’t an elected politician, and killing him while he was preparing to meet with other terrorist leaders who were in the midst of attacking sovereign US territory, you know, our embassy in Baghdad, was an act of national defense. 

Yet, The Socialist Democrat leadership in the US House of Representatives insist on calling this an assassination, and proclaiming further evidence of Trump’s so-called “abuse of power.”
Those on the left are clearly out of control. Squad member Illhan Omar recently had the audacity to suggest targets for the Iranian government to attack—the international properties of the Trump family corporate holdings. Why is it that liberals feel emboldened to support violent terrorists over our own national interests? Omar is not alone in her inappropriate comments, a while back, former VP and presidential candidate threatened that he could take out Trump in a school-yard brawl. Is it any wonder that so-called comedians such as Kathy Griffin and George Lopez feel emboldened and openly joke about assassinating the president with no formal repercussions?
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Yes, the last three years has been a wild ride, with seemingly endless fabricated investigations. These cretinous actors have no regard for honesty, facts, or due process. In fact, after all these pretentious charades were over, the House of Representatives couldn’t produce one high crime or misdemeanor to pin on the President. Yet, after their urgent rush to judgement, there seems to be no urgency to transmit the articles of impeachment to the senate. Keep your seatbelts fastened my friends. You can expect the shell game to continue. You see this is not really about anything this president has done. There has actually been very little camouflaging the truth — the Democrats have been playing a full court press attack against this president since before day one of his term in office.
The Democrats have accused Trump of “obstruction of congress” simply for him exercising his constitutionally sanctioned executive privileges. They’ve been accusing the president all along of doing exactly what they themselves are guilty of, including colluding with foreign governments — they have also been “obstructing” this presidency at every juncture — what about their Blatant  “obstruction”of the presidency?
Yes the news of “extrajudicial executions” and assassination of General Salami has been conflated with the truth being a righteous act in the ongoing war on terror. In their continuing rhetoric, house democrats are making public their own treason — supporting our enemies, the terrorist regime in Iran, over American interests.
As we can see by the president’s news conference Wednesday, he cares about peace, and he is not anxious to escalate the current situation. Trump stated his position very succinctly — the civilized world must send a clear and unified message to the Iranian regime: your campaign of terror and mayhem will be tolerated no longer.  We the people of the United States of America must also be unified in our resolve against the scourge of Islamic terrorism, both the perpetrators and their sponsors. To those on our own traitorous left, we must reprimand in the only way that they’ll truly understand, simply  put, we must #VoteDemOut.
Remain vigilant my friends. Refuse to listen to liberal talking points regarding the news of the day. Do your own research if you’re able — at least find conservative sources to review. Hopefully you’ll recognize the truth of what we’re presenting here at NoNtumpNoPeace as a resource you can rely on for a proper perspective. NoTrumpPeace is dedicated to speaking out and exposing the liberal lies amidst this continuing sea of confusion.
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I.B. Klicken is a nom de plume for a group of conservative writers wishing to remain anonymous. We're dedicated to being an outspoken voice for conservative values, combating the swamp-monsters of our day. Our concern for anonymity is due to calls for violence by radical members of the government and activist groups such as ANTIFA. We don’t fear for our own safety, but don’t wish for our loved ones and folks we care about to be put in harm's way because of our outspoken politics. The Hashtag #NoTrumpNoPeace is not a call for militancy, but rather, a blunt recognition of our current political atmosphere, where freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas are routinely attacked in the public forum.
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