Our Feckless House of Representatives
Pelosi and her crew of Socialist Democrats

Our Feckless House of Representatives

The Socialist Led US House of Representatives Proves Once Again How Feckless They Really Are.


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Washington • #NoTrumpNoPeace • Thursday, January 9, 2020

Pelosi and her crew of Socialist Democrats
The Feckless House of Representatives proved once again today how inept and irrelevant they have become under the leadership of Speaker Nancy Pelosi. The Democrat controlled House delivered a laughable rebuke to President Trump over his use of U.S. military power in the Middle East, approving a resolution without teeth, they believe will restrict President’s authority to strike Iran without congressional approval.
The measure, which relies on the original War Powers Resolution of 1973, passed by a vote of 224 to 194 and now goes to the Senate, where it is probably dead on arrival.
Eight House Democrats joined Republicans in opposing the resolution, while three RINO Republicans voted in favor. Seven of the eight Democrats who voted with Republicans are freshmen.
The bill is what’s known as a “concurrent resolution,” meaning it requires only the approval of both chambers of Congress and does not go to the president for his signature. Republicans argue this makes the bill non-binding and largely symbolic.
The vote on the resolution, which was sponsored by freshman Democrat congresswoman and former intelligence analyst Elissa Slotkin, comes nearly a week after Mr. Trump authorized a strike to kill Qassem Soleimani, Iran’s top military leader. Democrats and some Republicans expressed outrage that the president failed to consult Congress in advance of the strike, seeing it as overreach of executive power.
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