Beware the Wolves Among Us

Beware the Wolves Among Us

The Bible has many warnings for us to be watchful for false teachers, they are referred to as thieves, robbers, and wolves in sheep’s clothing.
Beware the Wolves Among Us
In a recent article, #NoTrumpNoPeace described in some detail the reasons why Christians continue to support President Donald Trump, what they didn’t spend much time on is why liberal christians don’t.
The sad truth is that many are simply Christian in name only. Much has been said over the past couple of decades about America no longer being a “Christian nation.” Even in many seminaries, they are referring to us as a “post-Christian” society. President Obama boldly stated that we are “not a Christian nation. Many were shocked, but, to all outward appearances, he was correct. Christianity no longer has a significant voice in our culture or political realm.
Pollsters will tell you that there a still a significant number of Christians in this country. My observation is a bit different. I approach that observation by asking; “can you be a Christian and not support the teachings found in the Bible?” “Can you really consider yourself a Christian when you deny traditional teachings on sexual morality and life issues?“
Where do you stand on this issue?
The modern biblical scholarship that is embraced by liberal christians, has spent decades refuting the inspiration of scripture and therefore, devaluing much of its moral authority. Liberal christians routinely toss out biblical passages in both the Old and New Testament that don’t reflect their moral worldview.
The Bible has many warnings for us to be watchful for false teachers, they are referred to as thieves, robbers, and wolves in sheep’s clothing. We are told to reject false teachings as well as those who proclaim them. 
It is becoming all too common to find clergy draped in religious trappings, boldly defending abortion, euthanasia, and alternative moral lifestyles. They do this in the guise of Christianity — declaring that “god would approve.”
My brothers and sisters, God’s word is clear — He doesn’t approve. Nowhere in scripture or the historic deposit of faith do we find approval for what has been traditionally called “sexual immorality,” or the murder of unborn children — abortion. Neither do the aforementioned sources give us license to create new teachings or morality to appease public opinion or to become culturally relevant.
The new age morality masquerading as Christianity is coming directly from the pit of hell and being parroted by wolves in sheep’s clothing who are pseudo christians at best. The sad thing is that these lies are tickling the ears of multitudes, causing them to remain lost to their sinfulness.
Christians are called to recognize their individual sinfulness, and abandon their former ways for the way of the Cross. You won’t truly recognize this fact my listening to preachers in liberal churches, where “dying to self” is a foreign concept.
Just down the street from my house is a church that is flying a flag that boldly proclaims their “pride.” They’re telling the world that their sexuality is more important than the inspired words in scripture. Churches like this are more appropriately following a god manufactured in their own image than the God of Christianity. 
Bible believing Christians understand that President Trump is like us, a man with human frailties and failures. President Trump, though still imperfect, is doing the job we elected him to do. He appears to be working towards fulfilling most of the promises he made during his campaign. He has appointed two conservative Supreme Court justices and a multitude of conservative federal judges. Under this president the jobless rates are the lowest ever recorded, especially for minority demographics. Additionally, Federal taxes are down and the economy is doing great.
Despite the divisive rhetoric, identity politics, and fear mongering from the left, multitudes of people are saying no to the Democrat party. I am continually pleased to see the diversity of ethnicities speaking out for conservative values. Prior to Trump’s election, I had friends of color who were literally terrified at the prospect of a Trump presidency — such was the impact of the anti-Trump propaganda.
Is Trump perfect? Hardly, but he is the man God gave us for this time. I for one will be voting for him again. How about you? Will you be voting for conservative values, or will you be listening to the wolves among us?
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Michael Callahan is the founding editor of Koinonia News. He is also an avid blogger and vlogger, active on several platforms. Callahan is available for public speaking engagements.

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