Should Senate Seek Dismissal of Impeachment?
Speaker Pelosi and House Democrats are going ballistic over calls for dismissal of articles of impeachment.

Should Senate Seek Dismissal of Impeachment?

Dismissal or Full Trial?


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Pelosi is sounding like the “pot calling the kettle black.”

As usual, House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi is accusing Republicans of what Democrats are actually doing — regarding the botched partisan Democrat Impeachment.
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) continues to be dumb as a rock. Following tweets by President Trump, and comments by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky) indicating a willingness to simply dismiss the House impeachment charges, the Speaker reiterated her calls for fairness.
Pelosi said Sunday that President Trump is “impeached for life” regardless of “any gamesmanship” by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), whom she accused of orchestrating a “coverup” of Trump’s actions as the Senate waits for the House to transmit the articles of impeachment.
Challenging McConnell to hold a serious trial that includes testimony from witnesses, Pelosi did not rule out the possibility that the House would subpoena former national security adviser John Bolton if the Senate chooses not to. She repeatedly chastised McConnell for signaling that he is not interested in fully weighing the House’s charges.
“Dismissing is a coverup, If they want to go that route again, the senators who are thinking now about voting for witnesses or not — they will have to be accountable for not having a fair trial,” Pelosi said on ABC News’s “This Week.”
WOW, this is rich, coming from the leader of the Democrat controlled House of Representatives, who orchestrated the most partisan and unfair impeachment in our nation’s history.
Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Sunday did not rule out the possibility that the House would subpoena former national security adviser John Bolton if the Senate chooses not to during President Trump’s impeachment trial. (Andrew Harrer/Bloomberg)
The speaker boldly delivered her comments while she, herself, has held on to  the Articles of Impeachment for nearly a month. If you remember Pelosi and other house members rushed into impeachment claiming “urgency,” and that the consequences of delaying impeachment were dire.
Pelosi said she will meet with House Democrats on Tuesday morning to discuss the timing of a vote on impeachment managers — the half-dozen lawmakers who will prosecute the case and transmit the charges to the Senate. A trial could start as early as Wednesday, if the House acts quickly, though lawmakers and aides have speculated that it will not begin in earnest until the following week.
The House passed two articles of impeachment on Dec. 18 — for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Pelosi surprised observers by not immediately transmitting the charges to the Senate, a strategy aimed at pressuring McConnell into naming terms demanded by Democrats for the trial.
Sunday’s interview took place after Pelosi moved to end the three-week standoff, signaling in a letter to colleagues on Friday that she would transmit the articles to the Senate this week, even without any clarity from McConnell on how the trial would be conducted.
The speaker on Sunday accused McConnell of a coverup for signing on to a resolution to allow the Senate to dismiss impeachment charges if the House did not transmit them within 25 days of their approval.
In a Sunday afternoon tweet, Trump called for dismissal with no trial.
“Many believe that by the Senate giving credence to a trial based on the no evidence, no crime, read the transcripts, ‘no pressure’ Impeachment Hoax, rather than an outright dismissal, it gives the partisan Democrat Witch Hunt credibility that it otherwise does not have. I agree!” the president said.
The potential lack of witnesses and documentation in a Senate impeachment trial would be another “coverup,” Pelosi said, defending her decision to withhold the articles even though it did not produce the concessions she sought from McConnell.
“We wanted the public to see the need for witnesses, witnesses with firsthand knowledge of what happened, [and] documentation,” she said. ”This would be laughable if it weren’t so sad,” stated Michael Callahan, editor in chief for Koinonia News. ”The whole House Impeachment process was a scam from beginning to end,” Callahan continued. 
True, from start to finish, this impeachment process was one-sided. It was devoid of fairness, due process, and evidence of any crimes, whatsoever.  Rudy Giuliani, President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, said in a recent in a recent interview with Judge Jeanine Pierro, that the Articles of Impeachment lacked elements for impeachment outlined in the constitution. Giuliani continued, stating that using basic legal precedents, the Senate would be justified in requesting that all charges be dropped due to lack of foundation — no high crimes, or misdemeanors, etc.
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After “This Week” host George Stephanopoulos noted that McConnell “didn’t budge on witnesses at all,” Pelosi said he would be “accountable to the American people for that.”

“They take an oath to have a fair trial,” she said. “. . . Now the ball is in their court to either do that or pay a price for not doing it.”
Yes, Nancy, fair is fair. Dismissing the bogus impeachment charges would indeed be an act of fairness, and in keeping with any oath to do just that. Additionally, each member of Congress takes an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Your actions and those of your Democrat colleagues continually demonstrate an unparalleled contempt for that same document. In this instance, that is evidenced by your blatant disregard for due process, and a proper understanding of separation of powers. Impeaching this president for obstruction, because he took his case to the courts is the height of absurdity. NTNP
Should the senate simple seek dismissal of this impeachment due to their “unconstitutional” nature. or hold a full trial? Your opinion is valuable. Please share your comments below.
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