Keeping Americans First

Keeping Americans First

Why Don’t LibDems Want to Put Americans 1st?


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One problem I see with conservative is that we generally try to give people the benefit of the doubt. We usually try to assume that people with other positions have the best intentions. Are we simply wearing rose colored glasses?
From an historical perspective, this country has been dealing with immigration issues from the earliest times (   This particular illegal immigration issue that we’re dealing with today is not new, but decades old. So, why hasn’t it been fixed? Back in the 1970s & 80s, I can remember people asking similar questions. There was one particularly troubling, and oft repeated answer, “the Democrats are simply importing a new voter base.” That was a contentious argument then as it is now. However, considering the obvious harm that today’s liberal Democrats are ignoring, is causing me to reconsider my previously generous assumptions.
Large US corporations displacing US workers by importing foreign workers under the H-1B Visa program
In 2016 presidential election season, immigration was near the top of the list of then Candidate Trump’s platform items back when he began is run for political office. Back then, his focus was not simply on Mexican immigrants flooding across tour southern border, but also with immigrants from terrorist exporting nations, and abuses of our H1B Visa process. His overarching concern then, as it is now, is putting American interests and American citizens first.
President Trump emphasized His commitment to Putting American Workers first once again in his recent State of the Union speech. Over the past several months, Trump has demonstrated that the liberal’s concept of “chaotic borders and rampant abuse of our humanitarian policies” do not amount to an uncontrollable phenomenon, and that the American people must simply learn to accept this travesty.
Faithful to his campaign promises, In his State of the Union Address, the president rightfully noted the significant success his administration has achieved in reasserting some measure of control along our southern border through the exercise of executive authority. It is now up to Congress to carry out its responsibility to ensure long-lasting solutions to illegal immigration, including funding a border wall, and to close gaping loopholes, crafting legislation to fix our broken immigration system.
Besides the immigration abuse at our borders, the President pointed out the travesty of “Sanctuary Cities and Sanctuary States that are actually  protecting the criminal elements among the already Illegal Immigrants. The presence of Jody Jones in the House chamber, whose brother was murdered by an illegal alien, was a poignant reminder to Congress, state and local officials, and the American people of the devastating human cost of so-called sanctuary policies. These policies protect law-breakers, including violent criminals, from being removed from our country, resulting in needless tragedies. Sadly, stories like Mr. Jones’ are far too common. More than half of all Americans live in such jurisdictions and it is up to Congress to work with the president to end these policies.
“The president once again called for replacing an outdated, family-based immigration system with one that is merit-based and serves the national interest. Doing so would modernize our overall approach to legal immigration and ensure that those who are selected to immigrate here have the skills and talents they will need to succeed in today’s America. However, it is essential that any legislation he sends to Congress to do so does not include any form of amnesty, an overall numerical increase, or controversial guest worker provisions that would increase the number of workers competing toe to toe against Americans.
Throughout his address, the president emphasized a ‘blue-collar boom’ happening right now. part of what we need to do in this country is to make employment in this country fair to American workers. We need to demand an end to the H-1B Visa program, and, or demand that Large corporations become better corporate citizens. They must end the practice of displacing skilled and experienced Tech workers by importing lower wage workers from abroad.
The current immigration problem, both legal and illegal poses a triple net threat to our nation. Wages are kept artificially low through illegal immigration, our cities are becoming  increasingly unhealthy and dangerous due to not being able to screen millions crossing our borders, and skilled American workers are being displaced by non-citizen immigrants.
What can we do? Well, continuing to support America First politicians like President Trump is a great place to start.  We can also make our concerns known to those in both Houses of Congress, on both sides of the Aisle. Additionally, we need to be aware of the mega-corporations out there who are abusing the immigration process and putting foreign workers ahead of Natural-Born American Citizens.

Here is a list that I came across of 25 Companies That Hire H-1B Workers — let them know that their policies  will be affecting your buying or patronage decisions.


#NoTrumpNoPeace is really only a seasonal trope — a rallying cry for our day. Which ever way our country moves after the 2020 election, the founders of this website will continue to fight for our freedom, liberty, and the concept of American Exceptionalism.

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Remain vigilant my friends. Refuse to believe liberal talking points regarding the news of the day. Do your own research if you’re able — at least find conservative sources to review. Hopefully you’ll recognize the truth of what we’re presenting here at NoTumpNoPeace as a resource you can rely on for a proper perspective. NoTrumpPeace is dedicated to speaking out and exposing the liberal lies amidst this continuing sea of confusion.
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